Thursday, June 09, 2005

Book Meme Three: Revenge of the

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Number of Books I Own: Although I have never counted, I have about 110 feet worth of books based on my last set of bookcases. If the average is, say, 2 inches that's . . . um . . . (struggling . . . to . . . do . . . math . . .) 660 or so.

Last Book(s) I bought: The Dharma of Star Wars , Star Wars and Philosophy, and Skywalking - for two reasons: one, to keep up with Hipsley and, two, to prepare for a presentation on the religion of Star Wars.

Last Book(s) I Read: Being and God, Mary: A Catholic-Evangelical Debate, plus I started the Chronicles of Narnia series.

5 Books that Mean a lot to Me:

  • 1. Decision Making and the Will of God: great criticism of the popular view, not so great on the positive explanation.
  • 2. Mere Christianity: Lewis is the master, what can I say?
  • 3. When Skeptics Ask: One of my first apologetics books.
  • 4. The Albion Trilogy: I am not into fantasy literature but these tales are worth hearing - morally virtuous and courageous, just what we need in times like these.
  • 5. Ecclesiastes: Had to get at least one Bible book in here, this one is exactly what needs to be heard today.


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