Thursday, September 01, 2005

A 5 Step Program of Recovery for Logical Positivists

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1. Logical Positivism holds that all meaningful statements have to either be varified by the five senses or they are true by definition

2. Premise (1) cannot be varified by the five senses nor is it true by definition

3. Therefore, Premise (1) is meaningless.

4. But Premise (1) is Logical Positivism.

5. Therefore, according to Logical Postivism, Logical Postivism is meaningless.


Anonymous leibniz said...

Dr. Logic and I have been discussing this issue here. Your argument is in need of some correction. Premise (1) is not logical positivism, but an apparent expression of logical positivism. Given logical positivism, (1) is meaningless, as you correctly point out. But that doesn't mean that logical positivism is meaningless. What follows is that (1) (and any other attempt to express logical positivism) fails to express logical positivism. So the conclusion of your argument should actually be that logical positivism is ineffable. That's still a problem for the logical positivist, of course, because people want to be able to say what their views are. Still more problematic is the fact that the ineffable is arguably unthinkable (or so I'm inclined to think). But then logical positivism wouldn't even be a view someone could think of, much less express. That should be pretty troubling to the logical positivist.

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