Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Flying Spaghetti Monster

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Sometimes you just have to give the opposition (e.g. Evo-Devos) credit for coming up with something rather creative and funny.

For more on the The Flying Spaghetti Monster go here

Here is another that is rather funny too


Blogger Doctor Logic said...

Your Opus comic strip is quite funny, but it's not pro-ID. :)

1:05 PM  
Blogger Sal Monella said...

Thanks, I will update the post accordingly.

7:18 PM  
Blogger AmericanPascal said...

In reference to the following excerpt from “when arguments become love fests” by Doctor (Strange Love) Logic:

“Human souls do not exist. It is a semantic error to say that something can exist independent of its measurable properties.”

I ask the Doctor to inspect the following logic:
1) One can only measure something with instruments that are capable of detecting that which is intended to be measured.
2) The soul (if it exists) is non-material.
3) Therefore, material instruments that can only detect material cannot be used to detect the non-material soul.

Now, to say that the only thing that can possibly exist is that which can be perceived by man is quite a statement. It implies that man has the ability to perceive all realms and entities within any other realms of “existence.” This is a very narrow unsubstantiated viewpoint. In fact, very little logic is needed to show that this “materialistic” view has no “proven” validity.

First consider the following in reference to the fundamental perception of the material world:
1) An animal that we know is color blind. Just because this particular species cannot detect color does not mean that color does not exist. But, what would the colorblind animal have to say?
2) A deaf person. Would this person know a pleasant sound from an American Idol wan-a-be?
3) A deaf, blind person who lost all sense of touch and taste and smell (i.e., no physical senses as we know it). What would this person have to say about what exists?
4) …Now, the question is: are we fully equipped to perceive all that really exists in just the material world? And if so, then how do we know? Are humans “all perceiving”? The answer is of course no, as we can’t even detect radio waves that are going through you right now. And, it wasn’t too long ago that radio waves were even discovered.

There is yet another level to consider: the non-material world. If such worlds exist, then why would one expect them to be perceived as if they were actually material? This is circular logic that goes like this:
a) If something exists then it can be measured (in the material world of course)
b) Nothing outside of the material world exists because it can’t be measured here in the material world.
c) Therefore, only the things I can measure in the material world exist.

The fallacy is that the test for existence (a) already precludes anything outside of the material world (and some things in the material world as well). Therefore, the test (a) already presumes (c) – circular logic!

This is a very basic application of logic. And for this doctor, malpractice insurance rates are going up!

11:03 PM  

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