Thursday, September 15, 2005

Reductio Ad Conclusion

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I think it's time for some new informal fallacies . . .
It is fun to watch struggling new logicians and theologians attempting to refute thinkers who are, while wrong, still pretty darn smart (see the Dodecohedron of Opposition elsewhere on this blog). Now I am a neophyte as well in this area but I have seen some funnies that I think are worthy of a cool latin title.

For example, the other day I was discussing a certain highly respected theologian's view of God, time, and simplicity with a colleague. He was recounting a conversation he had with a student regarding the fact that if one accepts that God is in time they must also believe that God is not simple. The student was valiantly trying to use a reductio ad absurdum type argument to show that God being in time results in the absrud conclusion that He is not simple. But that is the theologian's own position! Thus, the student actually reduced the theologian's argument down to his own conclusion.

We decided to call this "Reductio Ad Conclusion" - the fallacy of reducing your opponent's conclusion to his conclusion.

It's a fine start, so please help add to the list and maybe we can get a freakin book published.


Blogger davis said...

But if God is in time and God is not simple, then the future is undetermined and instead there is an infinite amount of possible futures!

oh wait a minute...

6:20 AM  

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