Monday, October 31, 2005

Stryper! The Yellow and Black Attack is Back!!

Last night at the Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte, North Carolina I was treated to a . . . well . . . a Christian Metal Fest Extravaganza!!!! At the anointed hands of none other than STRYPER!

Yes, that's right, I was fortunate enough to have a great balcony seat for the Stryper show and enjoyed an entire 80s metal ensemble, complete with arena style drumming, muddy bass guitar, high pitched vocals, and dueling lead guitar action---the whole nine yards of heavy metal motion was on display last night, and it was a sight for sore eyes and ears!!

I was an avid metal-head in the 80s in a time when I was not walking with the Lord. I was so into the music (and the subsequent Hedonism and Satanic content) at the time that it was best for me to take a break from that genre of music post conversion. But, after 6 years straight of listening to cheap Christian "mall-rock" I was starving and needed a severe dose of metal madness.

Stryper provided that and much, much more for me at the show. They opened up with a couple of new songs, then went chronologically with hits from "Yellow and Black Attack" and "Soldiers" etc. and played a couple more new ones to round out the show. Then they came back after a short break with an encore of "To Hell With The Devil" to close things up. Their musicianship is great and they rock out in the name of the Lord, handing out Stryper versions of the New Testament (along with guitar picks and drumsticks) and Michael Sweet even closed the night in prayer! Stellar!!!!

Stryper is currently on tour (as a follow up to their previous reunion tour) supporting their new album "Reborn" (which is actually great) and it is a show well worth catching. For more information, go to the official Stryper website at:

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Friday, October 28, 2005

The Mid Semester Lull

Ah yes, another nice lull in posting here at the moldies. I know that my excuse is . . . well . . . mid terms of course. But, my mid terms are now over . . . which means that finals will be here soon. Regardless, I feel the desire to blog something, so here goes.

I have been reflecting a lot lately. Thinking about the task/discipline of philosophy in general. The analogy of a medical practicioner always comes to mind. I ponder "do people in the medical profession learn intricate details about human biology and medicine so they can be talking heads at parties, talking about cardiology etc.? Or, do they learn the stuff to be of service to people with the fruits of their learning?"

I think, in a perfect world, anyways, that the latter would (should) be the case.

The analogy applies in my mind, so should the end of the philosophical task be, to help people in some in some positive way or capacity. As a medical practicioner would desire to help someone with a physical ailment, so should a philosophically minded individual seek to help people who might have, lets say, metaphysical problems--or something along those lines.

This is certainly not an attempt to sound pious here (I am far from the aforementioned mark), but it seems as though this should be at least part of the goal--an attempt to be a good steward of thought and a servant to others in a philosophical capacity.

In a nutshell, my musings as of late seem to have the same bottom line. Selling out to the process of philosophical inquiry, and doing so in the Spirit of our Lord. What a mark, indeed, and one that I am sure to fall terribly short of. But, I at least hope to die facing in the direction of these stipulations.

Keep up the good work soldiers. The spoils of eternity are well worth the temporal battle.

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