Wednesday, October 18, 2006

TuQuoque hits the big time!

So I got this e-mail a while back from Loyola Press asking if they could use one of my TuQuoque articles in an upcoming book. The book turned out to be The Best of Catholic Writing - 2006. I found it rather humorous that a Protestant ("and fiercely proud of it!") author should be included in a Roman Catholic "best of" book but hey - I'll take it!

Anyway, it's been released to at least one rave review. Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review saying that "[Editor, Brian] Doyle assembles a truly "catholic" compilation . . . a true sign of the times—excerpts from Web logs ("blogs"). Kudos to Doyle for recognizing the creativity and vitality within this modern electronic medium. Catholicism, Doyle believes, should not be afraid of contemporary culture. Nor should it be afraid of a variety of perspectives. Doyle includes . . . a Thomas Aquinas–inspired spoof called "The Existence of Chuck Norris" by ordained Protestant minister Douglas Beaumont. . . ."

Woo Hoo! Anyway, TuQuoque is mentioned several times in the book so perhaps all of us will start contributing more even though we've all sort of moved on to our own BLOGS as of late.

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