Friday, January 05, 2007

Some Reviews on Bart's Gospel

Bart Ehrman's Misquoting Jesus is meant to be an lay introduction to textual criticism, and it was quite popular. It also suffers from bias. This is not at all surprising to me. I took his Introduction to New Testament while at UNC-Chapel Hill. Even to a then-freshman like myself, it was obvious how opinions were easily shaped by the bias of a professor.

Daniel Wallace is an accomplished scholar in the field of textual criticism. As I read his review "The Gospel According to Bart" a month or so ago in a journal, I thought to myself, it would be cool if this was on the internet. Indeed, there it is.

While we are at it, here is another critique by well-renowned scholar, blogger, and fellow UNC alum, Ben Witherington. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Thom Howe's review is online here and presents some important criticisms not necessarily found in the other reviews. Enjoy.

Also, a lively debate between Bill Craig and Ehrman on the issue of the historicity of the resurrection. (hat tip: Davis)

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