Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still Selling Books at Ebay

I am continuing to post theology, apologetics, philosophy, and other academic books for sale at Ebay. I will be selling about three hundred or more books over the next month or two, so keep checking back in. All but two of my current titles have sold, so be sure and bid strong if you are interested in a title.

If you are interested, my Ebay user ID is Marzzhill, or you can simply go to this - a link to my user profile page. All of my books will be listed there.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Books for Sale

If you are interested in buying some theology texts, general Christian reading, historical texts, apologetics, etc. Then know that I am actually selling a very large portion of my library at Ebay beginning today. I will be posting books for sale over the next few weeks. The ones that do not sell at Ebay will be taken to the local used book store and/or sold at our upcoming garage sale this summer.

To find my sales on Ebay - my user name is Marzzhill. You can search by member user name at Ebay - if you have trouble finding me at Ebay then here is a link to my user profile page.

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